Products and services
Jiuquan Qiming Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Established in May 2002, its business scope includes livestock and poultry breeding; Processing and sales of animal husbandry products; Purchase, processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products; Manufacturing and sales of compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, matrix, water-soluble fertilizer (water agent and powder), microbial fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, soil conditioner and mud for greening; Harmless treatment of solid waste (including hazardous waste); Production, processing and sales of plastic products.
Product Center
  • 有机-无机复混肥

    标  准:有机质≥20% ,N+P2O5+K2O≥15%
    商  标:雄关
    备  注:颗粒

  • 生物有机肥

    标  准:有机质≥40% ,有效活菌数≥0.2亿/g
    商  标:陌上发、雄关
    备  注:颗粒、粉状

  • 有机肥

    标  准:有机质≥45% ,N+P2O5+K2O≥5%
    商  标:雄关
    备  注:颗粒、粉状