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Gansu Qilianshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
It is the world's largest manufacturer, manufacturer and supplier of oxytetracycline raw materials, and has a first-class GMP production workshop. Its products include oxytetracycline raw materials, oxytetracycline tablets and various standard series products widely used by downstream customers. Among them, the raw materials of oxytetracycline meet the USP standard of the United States, and the technical indexes rank first in the industry. The products are of high quality and low price. They are favored by global livestock and aquaculture customers. They sell well in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other international markets. The demand is huge and the prospect is very broad.
Product Center
  • 甘草浸膏

    剂  型:浸膏剂
    规  格:5kg/块

  • 呋喃妥因肠溶片

    剂  型:片剂
    规  格:50mg

  • 甘草流浸膏

    剂  型:流浸膏剂
    规  格:20kg/桶